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Often as we are making significant life changing improvements in physical therapy, we hear the words, “It’s time for discharge. Your insurance will no longer pay for physical therapy.” This can be upsetting, but don’t worry.


Now…Parish Physical Therapy CAN HELP YOU!

Continue reading below to learn more about how Parish Physical Therapy can empower you to maintain your health goals through Wellness by Parish.

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Discharged from Physical Therapy? No Problem!

Often as we are making significant life changing improvements in physical therapy, we hear the words, “It’s time for discharge. Your insurance will no longer pay for physical therapy.” This can be upsetting to hear when you have made so much progress and you would like to continue your journey to better health. 

Parish Physical Therapy now has a solution for YOU! And this is not an April Fool’s joke!

As of April 1st, 2024, Parish Physical Therapy will now be offering wellness services, “Wellness by Parish.”

Wellness visits are not bound by the restriction of insurances companies.

Together, let’s educate ourselves to better understand the benefits of adding services from Wellness by Parish to our healthcare regimen.

What are “Wellness” Services? 

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With Wellness by Parish, wellness visits are proactive check-ins for your health. Think of them as preventive maintenance for your body similar to an oil change or tire rotation on your car, focusing on overall well-being rather than rehabilitation or recovery from an injury.

Unlike insurance-based therapy, wellness visits are often not prescribed by a doctor and are more accessible for anyone looking to invest in their health. Wellness visits give you increased flexibility in regards to how and when you would like to receive services. Wellness visits can be once a week, once a month, 8 times a month…the possibilities are endless.

Wellness visits can encompass a variety of services, from “Empowerment” sessions to Dry Needling, Soft Tissue Techniques, FlexLAB, and much more. These sessions are not only about recognizing what may be abnormal or dysfunctional but also about optimizing what’s already working well.

Using Wellness by Parish, we are able to help prepare athletes for sporting events even when they are not injured or have a movement impairment.

  • An example would be an athlete receiving stretching treatment in preparation for a sporting event even when not injured.
  • Receiving dry needling because you have been feeling tight and want to prevent your low back pain from returning.
  • Wanting to review exercises, update, or progress a home exercise program after being discharge from physical therapy.

It’s a holistic approach, encouraging individuals to take charge of their health and make lifestyle choices that contribute to longevity and vitality.

With Wellness visits, you are responsible for payment; however, your HSA or Health Savings Account may pay for Wellness visits!

Still having trouble understanding the difference between insurance based and wellness based physical therapy visits? Click this link to learn more.

Flexibility in Scheduling 

To many of us seeking physical therapy treatment, our goals for ourselves often surpass the timeline and conditions of “medically necessary” and exceed our physical therapy plan of care.

Wellness visits embrace a more flexible timeline. You are able to schedule once a week, twice a week, four times a month, monthly for a year; the possibilities are endless. The emphasis is on creating healthy habits and practices that become a part of your daily life. Our health is not a sprint but a lifelong marathon—a commitment to long-term lifestyle changes that contribute to sustained health and wellness. Wellness by Parish is the perfect way to ensure long lasting wellness and continue being seen for physical therapy when your insurance plan may not deem it to be “medically necessary.” 

Image of a Man with a Lumbar Muscle Strain

Wellness by Parish Offered Services

Empowerment Session

The Empowerment Session is a total body comprehensive evaluation to better understand a client’s functional capabilities. This may include, but is not limited to, range of motion, strength, balance, and myofascial assessments.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin filament needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Dry needling is a technique used to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia, and connective tissue, and, diminish persistent peripheral nociceptive input, and reduce or restore impairments of body structure and function leading to improved activity and participation.

Tool Assisted Body Work

One-on-one soft tissue or myofascial release techniques that may include Cupping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), and/or Massage Gun for hands on relief of myofascial adhesions and tight muscles

FlexLab by Parish

Customized one-on-one assisted stretch sessions that identify and relieve muscle tightness and imbalance in your body


Kinesiotaping is a highly effective rehabilitative technique that is designed to support the body’s natural healing process. It involves application of breathable and flexible adhesive tape that serves a dual purpose of either facilitating or inhibiting muscle movement depending on the direction in which it is applied.

GameREADY Cryotherapy/Recovery Boots

GameREADY Cryotherapy treatment aims to decrease bloodflow to decrease swelling, decrease pain, and improve recovery from an injury. Recovery Boots provide active alternating compression to your legs to improve bloodflow, improve the elimination of lactic acid from your legs, and improve your ability to get back to training quickly!

What is the Next Step? 

Parish Physical Therapy in Scott, LA offers an individualized, one-on-one, hands on approach to treating various medical causes of lower back pain. Through a combination of patient specific physical therapy treatment techniques and patient education, physical therapy addresses the underlying causes, reduces pain, promotes healing, and restores function.

Remember, early intervention and proper management can greatly improve your quality of life and relieve the burden of lower back pain!

Let us EMPOWER you and help you return FAST to the activities you LOVE!

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