LSVT BIG trains people with Parkinson disease (PD) to use their body more normally.   LSVT is an intensive, effective, one-on-one treatment created to help people with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions address walking, balance, and other activities of daily living.


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What is LSVT BIG & How Can It Treat My Parkinson’s?


What is LSVT BIG?

LSVT BIG trains people with Parkinson disease (PD) to use their body more normally.  People living with PD or other neurological conditions often move differently, with gestures and actions that become smaller and slower. They may have trouble with getting around, getting dressed and with other activities of daily living. LSVT BIG effectively trains improved movements for any activity, whether “small motor” tasks like buttoning a shirt or “large motor” tasks like getting up from sofa or chair or maintaining balance while walking. The treatment improves walking, self-care and other tasks by helping people “recalibrate” how they perceive their movements with what others actually see. It also teaches them how and when to apply extra effort to produce bigger motions – more like the movements of everyone around them.

Because LSVT BIG treatment is customized to each person’s specific needs and goals, it can help regardless of the stage or severity of your condition. That said, the treatment may be most effective in early or middle stages of your condition, when you can both improve function and potentially slow further symptom progression. Beginning your work with LSVT BIG before you’ve noticed significant problems with balance, mobility or posture will often lead to the best results, but it’s never too late to start. LSVT BIG can produce significant improvements even for people facing considerable physical difficulties.

Benefits of LSVT BIG

  • Faster Walking
  • Better Balance
  • Better Ability to Twist at the Waist
  • Improved Mobility & Independence at Home

How Does LSVT BIG treatment work?

LSVT BIG is a one month session consisting of 4 – 1 hour sessions every week for 4 weeks.   Through these sessions, LSVT BIG treatment trains people to increase the size (amplitude) of their movements from head to toe. These improvements may also extend to smaller tasks, like buttoning or writing. Every visit there is daily homework with carryover exercises that must be completed to achieve the best results.

What’s Next After LSVT BIG treatment?

The standard LSVT BIG treatment spans a minimum of one month, including daily practice and carryover exercises. Once that initial treatment is over, you’ll continue to practice at least once a day for 10–15 minutes, which readies you to use your new movement skills all day at home or work and in your community! In conjunction with therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, modalities, neuromuscular re-education, and movement analysis, we can help EMPOWER you to live your BEST LIFE and return to the activities that you LOVE!

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For additional resources on the benefits of LSVT BIG, check out the link to the LSVT GLOBAL website



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