Runner's Knee

Are you having knee pain with walking or running?

Are you unable to stand from a chair without significant knee pain?

Have you recently increased the amount of exercise you perform each day?

Have you recently started training for a race and have increased knee pain?

You may be suffering from Runner’s Knee!


If so, we CAN HELP YOU!

Continue reading below to learn more about Runner’s Knee!


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Runner’s Knee

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What is Runner’s Knee?

The Spring Running Season is kicking off! Winter weather is gone and runners are beginning to increase their training mileage. Or, you are newly motivated to begin exercising again to lose weight and decide to push the distance on your running/walking.  New onset knee pain is common with a quick increase in training mileage, running, and exercising!

Runner’s Knee or “Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome” is an overuse injury caused by repetitive forceful extension of the legs. It can also be caused by improper running technique, poorly fitting shoes, muscular weakness, and muscle tightness.

Symptoms of Runner’s Knee

  • Pain inside and around the knee joint
  • Pain with squatting or standing from a chair
  • Pain while running
  • Clicking, rubbing, or grinding in the knee joint

Treatment for Runner’s Knee

     What’s the Next Step?

    At Parish Physical Therapy in Scott, LA, we can HELP decrease knee pain, correct poor movement patterns, improper running technique, and muscle weakness/tightness by EMPOWERing you with a personalized exercise protocol. Let us HELP you get back to your training and achieve that new PR or your fitness goal!

    If you or somebody you know is suffering with Runner’s Knee, DON’T WAIT!

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